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Image by Efe Kurnaz

Who are we?

Established in 2021, "CreaTech Bulgaria" is Bulgaria's first cultural and creative industries (CCI) cluster.


We strive to increase the level of collaboration and innovation capacity of the local CCI professionals, SMEs, and other organizations.

Our cluster has a physical base in Sofia's "createch" hub - MISSIA23, right in the heart of the city (23 Mizia str).

our mission

the issues

Bulgaria's creative industries lack a common vision and collaborative actions

Need for further tech implementation in

creative processes

Lack of understanding of the local CCI

Insufficient local CCI market

the solutions

Identify common needs +
align mutual vision +
highlight collaboration opportunities

Increase use of "createch"
in local CCI

Mapping of local CCI +
discourse with public bodies

Make locally, Sell globally

we do

what do

we do?

access to trans-sectoral CCI network
establishing CCI ecosystem and collaboration
innovation infrastructure for creatives
matchmaking and networking events
facilitating discourse and policy implementation

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know us


+ looking to expand and grow

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